Thursday, May 21

The other day the 4 year olds at the Youchien (the kindergarten), asked the 5 teachers that teach at the English school (me, Bethany, Lis, Jeni, and Ashley) to come over for a Welcome Program.

The kids were SO cute! I really wish I had pictures of them, but we were busy introducing ourselves in Japanese. After that we taught them a song, the "Seven Steps" song. Basically you teach them to count from 1-7. They had lots of fun and so did I!

At the end of the program, 5 little kids ran out of the room and they came back in and presented us each with a Gerbra Daisy plant. They said "Domo Arigato Gozaimas" (thank you very much) and bowed and presented the plants to us - it was so adorable.

This is my plant - how perfect that it's pink, my favorite.

So pretty

The 4 year olds drew little pictures and put them in the plant.

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WML said...

Totally cute!

Brooke said...

That saying sounds Italian or Latin to me...not Japanese. But beautiful flowers. I hope they last a long time for you.

Jenny and Kyle said...

Too bad that picture is awesome and looks like some chic artist drew it!