Wednesday, May 6

Some of you know that I started to get into quilting just before I left the States. My one dream was to get a sewing machine in Japan, so I could make quilts for people. I also hope that someday I'll be able to use it as a tool for ministry, but for now I need some more practice.

So, the other day, Chris went over to the big store near us, and got my sewing machine for me! Of course, everything's in Japanese: the owners manual, all of the words on the machine, etc. But there was an intro DVD that came with the sewing machine - it's also in Japanese, but it gives me a visual step-by-step guide to how to get things started. So tomorrow will be the big day to get it set up and see how it goes. (I'll let you know!)

My new sewing machine - with top loading bobbin, what a bonus

More Japanese to figure out...

It even came with a free cover - another bonus!

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Tonya said...

That is so cool! I WANT to learn how to sew...but I told Jeff I wanted a kitchen aid mixer first :)

WML said...

So, our instruction manuals are printed in like 20 languages, and when they sell overseas, there id just one. Interesting. I wonder if you could go online and find the directions in English?

Anonymous said...

Many japanese woman make quilt.
Quilt is populer in Japan from american culture.
Tokyo international quilt festival

Anonymous said...

Nippori is famous fabric town in Tokyo.