Wednesday, May 27

On Saturday, one of the Elementary Schools I teach at was having their annual Undokai. Undoai is kind of like field day, but all of the parents and grandparents come and watch, and it's an all day event.

I teach at least once a week at the school, and a bunch of the students are in my classes at the English school (after-school classes), so I got to see a lot of my students outside of class, which was a lot of fun!

The school kind of looks like a castle to me.

There are 2 teams - red and white. Look at those cute hats!

One of my second graders waving hello. Her English name is Carolyn.

Tug of War

One of the 4th grad teachers on the Japanese drum.

A fun time was had by all! And it was so encouraging to interact with students and some Japanese friends outside of school!

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WML said...

What a fun day! Did you get to meet any parents?

Mee a Bee said...

Hi! I just saw that you entered my giveaway and you are in Japan! excellent, I love connecting with other expats, teachers, people in Japan. I'll bookmark your blog.

My son, Biggie (Noah) is a second grader in Elementary school. We've been through undokai at kindy and once at school - it is fun but the training at kindy was grueling. This year his school is being renovated so we miss out, I'm a bit disappointed - the kids love it!

Keep in touch - and good luck in my giveaway! thanks for entering