Sunday, May 10

On Saturday we went to Koriyama to see an art exhibit by a Japanese artist, Seiji Fujishiro. When we got to Koriyama, the next bus to the museum wasn't coming for an hour, so we decided to walk. We walked 45 minutes to get to the museum. And yesterday was the first really warm day, so I decided it was a great day to break in my flip flops for the Summer! Not so much! We hiked up hill and I ended up with blisters in between my toes...but...

It was so worth it! This art exhibit wasn't like anything I've ever seen before - it was so beautiful!

The artist creates his pieces by first drawing his picture on matte board. Then he cuts out each shape that will be a different color and layers different colored paper behind the board. In the end they are displayed with light shining on each image from behind, so the colors are so bright. It's really hard to explain, but it was so cool!

The other interesting thing is that the artist is a Christian, which is kind of surprising since he's Japanese. Most Japanese people don't really know much about God, and a lot of them have never even heard of Him. So the neat thing is that part of the exhibit was all artwork on Bible stories - the Garden of Eden, Noah's Ark, Crossing the River Jordan, The Ten Commandments, Christ's Birth and Death, etc.

So, I asked Jeni, one of our teammates, what people would think of the artwork, since some of them have never heard of God. She said that some would just think it's nice artwork, but that some of the pieces had descriptions with them, that explained the story. It made me so excited about the artist - his exhibit travels all over Japan, and even the world, but what a great way to tell the Japanese people Bible Stories!

This was a piece that he finished just a month ago. It's of the Taki-Zakura, the 1,000 year old Cherry Blossom tree that we went to see.

A close up of the new piece

Me and Jeni outside the Koriyama Art Museum

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WML said...

Those pieces are huge and I am sure the photos don't do them justice - amazing!!! Maybe I will suggest the show to my student who just returned to Japan so I can tell him the Bible stories.

Julie said...

I think my mom saw that artist when she was in Japan last year!