Thursday, May 14

As you know, our washer and dryer were a bit tricky to figure out, since they have the Japanese buttons and all. Well most people here actually hang their clothes out to dry (when the weather is good, of course). So I tried it, and...I love it! Our clothes dry faster outside than in our dryer and they smell so wonderful!

You can see our plants in the picture, too. We don't have any green space at our apartment, but we are trying our hand at some potted plants - tomatoes, basil and some pretty flowers. I'll post more later on that to let you know if we have any success with this!

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WML said...

Do you iron your clothes? I do like drying some things outside, but it makes it so much harder for my ironer (Gram).

hannah joy said...

oh my goodness! you're in japan! i'm so far behind. how long have you been there?

Chris and Abbie said...

Wendy - I do need to iron some of my clothes after they hang dry, but jeans are usually ok if I make sure to get most of the wrinkles out when I hang them.

Hannah - We came March 31st, so we've been here about a month and a half. Right now we have committed to being here until March 2011.