Monday, May 4

Last Wednesday was a national holiday here in Japan, so everyone had off school for the day! Our host family here took us to Nasu Highland Park, an amusement park. It was a fun day and it was nice to spend more time with our teammates! Since we all teach at different schools we usually just get to see them for Bible Study and team meetings.
These animals were close to the entrance - you paid 200 yen and it SLOWLY moved around for about two minutes. This is Adam having fun on the panda.

We were just posing - not actually riding.

This ride was called "Top Gun" and it flung you upside-down in circles so many times. I opted out of this ride, but this is Chris, Janelle, Adam, Ashley, Lanon, Lis and the Japanese friend (which they made on the ride), getting ready for the excitement!

This is Kono Sensei. He spent the day with us, and held everyone's bags while they went on Top Gun. What a good sport!

They don't have cotton candy for a snack...but they have some tasty looking fish!

This is Kawaai Sensei - she's kind of like our team mom and supervisor all in one. She didn't love the roller coasters, but she came on a few rides with us. We love her!

This picture was for Wesley - sorry it's blurry - but these cars were Japan! So funny!

The whole group, with Woopy the bird.

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The Bukowski's said...

We miss you guys so much! Thanks for posting so much, It's so fun to see everything. Love you.