Tuesday, May 5

On Sunday, we went to Sendai. Sendai is usually a two hour bus ride from us, but on Sunday it took four hours to get there. The bus driver warned us of that before we left, saying there was some reason, but of course we couldn't understand the reason. So we just settled in and enjoyed the ride.

We went with a couple of our friends - Rebekah, Patty and Ashley. It was so great to have them along because they knew how to buy the bus tickets and where to go in Sendai.

Our main priority was the apple store - Both we and Rebekah had to get our laptops looked at, but while we were there, we made sure to enjoy some other things: UNIQLO (kind of like H&M), a bookstore that actually had an English section, and some mexican food. I wouldn't exactly say it was tasty, but it left us remembering and wanting Garcias!

Overall the day was lots of fun and we were quite successful at the apple store!

Rice fields on the way to Sendai. The farmers all flood the rice fields before they plant them - we're not sure why.

Sendai - probably the closest "BIG" city to us

This one's for Rachel - we think Wicked and Lion King are playing in Tokyo!

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