Wednesday, May 20

On Sunday we got the chance to go to a Japanese Tea Ceremony. It took place in our town's cultural center, which is actually a 100 year old barn. It was very interesting to watch. They have formalities for the way they get the tea ready, the way they actually make it, the way it is served and even the way it is cleaned up. It was so fun to get to see a new piece of Japanese culture!

The 100 year old barn. The roof is actually made out of straw and mud and they have to put a new roof on each year.

Making the tea. The women wear such beautiful kimonos.

Chris and Peter eating the treat - ground rice with bean paste inside. A Japanese favorite - they have bean paste in lots of things here.

Chris getting tea served to him. To drink the tea you bow to the person who made it, then put the cup in your left hand, turn it twice, and then you can drink it.

Our hosts

After the tea ceremony they showed us all of the old farm tools - this is a raincoat and rainhat.

The back of the raincoat - look at all that hay!

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WML said...

Wow! How long did the whole ceremony take?

rjparedez said...

This is so neat! Did you learn enough to host your very own tea ceremony? :-)

Chris and Abbie said...

The ceremony only took about 30 minutes.

Apparently it takes a lot of classes and training to be able to perform your own ceremony, but that would be neat if we could learn!