Sunday, May 17

Baseball is a big thing here in Japan. Japan has their own baseball league, and the games are usually on at night. Sometimes we watch them, just because we like baseball. Our favorite team is the Tokyo Giants, but I think that's because we see their games more than any other teams.

But they also show American baseball on TV. The American games are aired in the mornings, so we can only watch them on the weekends. Mostly we see the Mariners, Yankees, Red Sox and Rays, since there are Japanese players on each of those teams. But we heard that this morning they would be airing Saturday's Cubs game. Sure enough - at 8:10am the game came on!

It was so much fun to watch and see Chicago - we definitely miss our home town and for certain we miss Cubs games. If Kosuke Fukudome keeps playing well, hopefully we'll keep getting Cubs games here!

Chris put on his Cubs shirt and hat for the event. He wanted me to wear the shirt and hat you see sitting next to him, but everyone who knows me knows I don't wear hats.

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Tonya said...

that is awesome! Go Cubbies :) Tanner loved your comment. I read them to him and he just got the biggest smile on his face. Thank you!

WML said...

Go Cubs! Have you taught your kids "Take Me Out to the Ballgame?" When we were in China, they always wanted us to sing an song that is popular in American culture, and that was the obvious choice. Not impressive when compared with Chinese Opera that is eons old. p.s. Nice t.v you tentmakers get :)