Friday, May 1

The town we live in is quite rural, but as Chris says, "We have a super strip mall!" Everyone here laughs when Chris calls it the "strip mall" because really it's just a few small stores, but they definitely hold some good stuff!

The Super Strip Mall

All the stores at The Super Strip: Lion Dor - grocery store with granola and popcorn! Daiso - a great dollar store and the only store in Japan to have cute and decently priced frames! KFC - enough said.

Yes...we ate lunch at could we resist? It was unfortunately $16 for one value meal - we won't be going back again too soon.

At the Bookstore: Harry Potter...

...and Enchanted

We finished our day with a game at the arcade - a Japanese drum game, kind of like Dance Dance Revolution, but with drums.

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Tonya said...

wow that is a lot of money for a meal. Very cool to see things in Japanese! What a great strip mall ;)

Jackie said...

I love reading your blog. We will be studying Japan in two weeks and I might use your blog to show some of these great pictures!! Hope you guys are doing well. Love ya!!

Brooke said...

I love that you have internet now! It is so great to be able to see what you are up to. The super strip mall looks great. And the Japanese prices at KFC remind me of the Isreali prices at Burger King. What we pay for American fast food!!!

Anonymous said...

abbie... you guys look so good. miss you tons!!! hope you are doing good. love you!! esther