Tuesday, June 9

On Sunday after church, Kawaai Sensei (she's like our team mom), invited us all to have Yakiniku for lunch. Chris and I have never had Yakiniku before...we loved it!

Yakiniku is meat and vegetables that you cook griddle - like Benihana, but YOU do the cooking! It was so tasty and we even got to bring leftovers home, so we'll get to have some more later this week!

One of the many plates of vegetables, before they were cooked. Chris and I had to cut up 6 cabbages in preparation for the meal.

As you can see, we'd grab the food from the griddle as soon as it was ready!

One of the Youchien teachers who comes to church, Jeni, Patty, and Chris

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WML said...

Looks like my kind of meal. Is the griddle electric?

Chris & Abbie said...

Yup, they were electric griddles. We had so many of them that we had to use extension cords and plug them into different classrooms so we didn't blow a fuse - it was pretty funny.