Friday, June 26

Don't like Japan now.
Watermelon, twenty bucks?!
That is just silly.

This was stated this evening after he went to the grocery store and was disappointed by their fruit selection.

Posted by Posted by Chris and Abbie at 10:01 PM



WML said...

20 bucks???

bethany said...

haha! welcome to japan. try living on tofu and you'll find out how some things can be soooo cheap. so not fair.

Anonymous said...

deep ladies and gentlemen deep

Jen Moul said...

So...I can't wait to hear this haiku debuted at an open mic in Chicago. It will be a hit. Too bad I won't actually be here to hear it.

Hang in there! It's a good sign when you do a Japanese cultural thing to express your frustration with Japanese stores.

PS- if the longnan (dragon's eye) fruit is in season (it's like little round balls and often is sold on twigs in China) I recommend it as a substitute. The persimmons (orange tomatoes) can be good too, and if you like "flowery" fruit, try a Buddha's head- sort of artichokey-looking.