Wednesday, June 17

Well, first of all, we have no trip planned for home. But the other day I said to Chris, "When we go home I have a list of places I want to go eat at, so we should start saving for them now." I know, sad that I dream of all the food I miss back home, but the food here is definitely different.

So I thought I'd share my list with all of you, and tell you all to enjoy these tasty places for me this summer!

1. Lou Malnati's: We'll order the Malnati's Salad, a sausage pizza, and cookie pizza for dessert.
2. Oberweis: For some chocolate shakes!
3. The Pit: For a Cheeseburger special, with Dr. Pepper.
4. Jay's: This is Chris' choice, he wants a beef, or maybe a combo!
5. Francesca's: The best Italian food in Chicago!
6. Garcias: We may have to go more than once, I really miss Mexican food.
7. Always Thai/Spoon Thai: Either place will do, as long as I get some Pad Thai.
8. Starbucks: This goes without saying, but I'll have one-a-day, thank you!

I know, sad that I could think about so much food - but I've realized that I've turned into a foodie, no thanks to my dad and Chicago!

Happy Eating Friends!

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Anonymous said...

I had Oberweiss on the way home from work the other day when you were talking about it. I got the vanilla with m&ms mixed thing... I forget what its called. I will say, I would join you on all of those trips to those restaurants! -Nellie

Julie said...

Yum. They miss you too. Especially Stabucks. Haha. talk to you soon!

WML said...

Too bad Lou's-to-go won't ship that far, because you know we would send it. When we travelled with the students in China, it was the #1 missed food, followed closely by a bowl of cereal. My favorite - ice and a diet coke - was last :( Love you.

Jen Moul said...

Ha ha...I have lists like this from every place I've lived. Well, the sushi won't be beat there. BTW- I stole the website from your site to get wallpaper from mine. It's so cute. Thanks for the tip.

Jenny and Kyle said...

I support Chris' choice for a beef from Jay's. And most of your other ones as well. Even though I still live in the States, I feel like I live in another country up here in the UP and make lists like this often. When I'm near a Starbuck's, I also have AT LEAST one latte a day.