Sunday, August 9

So, as I mentioned Tokyo was filled with people and shopping. The shopping actually became quite overwhelming and Chris and I got into a big discussion about how the old Japanese culture has actually been lost and the new generations are just so consumed with their outer appearance, thus all the stores.

It is just sad to see so many people putting their efforts into defining themselves by their stuff. But people in America do that too. It is just a constant to reminder to me that no matter where we are in the world, we should be defining ourselves by Chris and His love, not by things.

At night, because of all the stores, most street corners in Tokyo looked like Times Square because of all the neon lights! So, may these pictures be a reminder to you not to be consumed by all the stuff in the world, but to give your life's meaning to someone much bigger. (And, in addition, you might think the pictures look cool and that's ok because I do too!)

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WML said...

Fuuny what you said about the pics. As soon as Livvy saw them, she said, "Oh, look at that, that's ccol." Your message about working for things is well taken.

Lynn Joy Mecher said...

Your descriptions and photos make me want to pack a bag and come to see you. Tokyo looks like a happening place. I'm wondering, do they have a store with 5 floors of yarn. If so, I'm there!