Friday, August 7

Tuesday was our last day in Tokyo, but we still fit a lot in! We headed back to Nippori, the textile town, and picked up a few more fabrics. There were some polka dot fabrics I just couldn't stop thinking about! Then we headed to Shibuya. Shibuya has the busiest intersection in Tokyo, it's the one that's in any movie about Tokyo. When everyone crosses the street they cross like 5 or 6 different directions. It looks like one big Sparky Crawl!

After Shibuya we headed back to Shinjuku (our favorite spot) and got another tasty doughnut (or two), stopped at the English bookstore and had some more Mexican food before we had to head to our bus and go home. We had a great trip, and if any of you decide to come visit, we'll be happy to take you around Tokyo!


The Sparky Crawl!

Of course Shibuya has the biggest Starbucks I've ever seen! Surprisingly enough - I did not get coffee from it.

Shinjuku - Chris loved this clock

On our way home!

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