Friday, August 7

On Monday we headed to Nippori, the Textile Town in Tokyo. I didn't know about Nippori until someone left me a link to it through our blog. Once I started to research it, I found out it is a mile-long stretch with all kinds of fabric stores along it. The place was better than I could have imagined - we only made it to 2 stores, but the fabric was so cheap so I ended up with lots of cute prints. We even went back again on Tuesday for another quick trip!

Look at all that fabric! This store had 5 floors - all of fabric!

The most wonderful Chris carried all of my bags while I looked around.

After Nippori we headed to the Imperial Palace. It is a huge palace in the middle of the city. The Imperial Family still lives there so the palace is only open on January 1st, which meant our view was limited. But it was still neat to see!

There's a real mote that circles the whole palace. I never saw a real mote before!

I have never seen so many umbrellas before I came here! It does rain almost everyday here so it makes sense. But even when it's hot and sunny people use umbrellas to block the sun. They even sell non-waterproof umbrellas for the sunny days!

You can see all the tall, modern buildings that surround the palace.

After the palace we headed to Roppongi. It is an area with lots of restaurants and nightlife. We ate at a delicious restaurant before heading back to our hotel.

When we were walking around Roppongi we found this Swedish restaurant. It was so random looking, just sitting on the middle of the block. Thought it was only fitting to have an Olson take a picture in front of it.

Roppongi at night.

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WML said...

The fabric store was crazy! How did you ever choose? I loved all the sun umbrellas in China. They were so beautiful. Livvy liked the Palace. Big Hugs!