Saturday, April 25

We have internet - we are so excited! Over the next few days I will work to post all of the pictures and updates we want to show all of you.
We have been teaching for 3 weeks now and have pretty much settled into our schedules. Here's what we do everyday:

Chris teaches at a Jr. High school (7, 8 & 9 grade) about a 25 minute train ride from our house. He works with two Japanese teachers - Tami and Yuko - and assists them with their English classes. After school he has been joining some of the "club" activities - baseball, kendo and volleyball. He'll probably help the baseball team out on a regular basis starting next week.

Chris also teaches one evening class at the English School for 7th grade boys.

Chris' School

In the mornings I teach at some nearby Elementary Schools. There are 5 of us that go each morning and teach in 2-4 classrooms, depending on the size of the school.

In the afternoons, I teach at the English School. I have 2-3 afternoon/evening classes a day, and my classes range from 1st - 7th grade (students have a class twice a week).

The English School

We are having a good time getting to know the students and teachers that we work with. Our teammates here have been so helpful showing us different ways to teach the classes and helping us learn the curriculum. We are so thankful for all of them and feel so blessed by all of their help!

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Jackie said...

It is exciting to hear what you guys are doing. It is good to hear things are going well so far. Can't wait to see more pictures!

WML said...

O.k. The schedule I get, but what is kendo? :) Happy to see the updates. It is all so surreal.