Friday, April 3

Well, I'm sorry for the delay in posting pictures of our new home. We don't have internet in our apartment yet, so we have been coming to another teacher's house to use hers (thanks Jeni!).

We really love our apartment - it is small and cozy. We were so blessed that the couple that was in the apartment last left so many things for us to use! So it already seems quite settled.

Our new home...ours is the first floor

Our kitchen

Living Room - directly off the kitchen

Our bedroom - the bed is just a little larger than a twin size bed - NO JOKE!

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Julie said...

LOVE IT! It looks super cute/super tiny! I can't wait to see it in person! I hope you all have a good weekend before your first day of school. love you.

WML said...

It looks cute, clean and newish - that is fun.

J. Aiello said...

Bed looks cozy