Thursday, July 30

Our Easter Program was on July 5th. The whole town was invited and we had about 200 people show up, so the room we were in was packed. It was a great day - the gospel choir sang (you read write, we have a Japanese gospel choir), we did a drama of the Ragman, we sang songs (Redeemer, Nothing But the Blood, & God of Hope), and we shared why Easter is so important for Christians around the world.

After the program we had lots of fun with the kids painting Easter eggs, decorating cookies, coloring, and eating snacks. The day was really wonderful and God answered so many of our prayer in the preparation of the program, the amount of the people that showed up and having the exact number of everything we needed! Please continue to pray for the people that came that what they heard would speak to them, and that this would open up opportunities for conversations with the community around us!

The Gospel Choir

Chris played the guitar for a couple songs.

This is Janelle singing the song Redeemer - she rocked out to the song - it was beautiful!

Coloring Easter Eggs - there were 300 eggs, and zero left over!

The cookie was crazy, but lots of fun!

This is one my second grade students - he's the cutest!

These two girls were my biggest customers. Katherine (brown hair) made cookies for everyone in her family. Her sister, Mariana (blonde hair), made a cookie, ate it, and would make another. It wasn't until 5 eaten cookies later, that I realized I needed to stop the madness! This basically sums up their two personalities - we love these girls!

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