Thursday, July 16

I'm sorry for the absence these days. Ever since the Easter program we have been overwhelmed with finishing out the term, as Summer break starts after this week. We aren't officially off school until August 1-16, but the students are done after we are only 1 day away from some much needed rest and some more time to blog.

Please don't give up on our blog yet - I promise to post pictures of the Easter program and some other happenings from the past few weeks!

For now, I will leave you with saying:
"Happy Birthday Chris!" (tomorrow, July 17th)
He only has one more year left in his late-twenties,
as I remind him of frequently these days!

This is my favorite picture of Chris from when he was a kid.

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The View of You said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! I didn't realize how close our birthdays were. Mine is just 10 days after yours. God bless you.

rjparedez said...

Such a cute picture! Happy Birthday hermanito.

therills#2 said...

So now you know the secret - Teachers want break as much as students - maybe more! Have a ton of fun!

therills#2 said...

oops! That last comment was from Wendy. I was still logged in as the Rills after changing the auction info. Take Care!