Thursday, February 12

Last night our wonderful church family hosted a bake auction to help us as we prepare to move overseas. It was a really fun night, and we are so thankful and blessed by our church family.

Here are some of the amazing things that were baked.

"The Beauty of Japan"

"Taste of Japan" - this cake was incredible! And it was all edible!

Bread pudding competition - both were quite delicious!

Sky made this all by himself!

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WML said...

Welcome back! The whole night of the auction I kept wondering how my my mom would have bid for Livvy's puppy chow and Gray's Trix Cookies. She wouldn't have taken Sky's Mickey from you though, I promise.

至尊宝贝 said...

I'm studing Japanese and like Japanese food too!But I want to say that the food you made were really so great!