Monday, May 18

I had such a fun morning at the elementary school today! The 4th grade teacher asked us to help the kids cook American Macaroni and Cheese. So, Jeni and I, brought our aprons to school and had a great time!

First of all, when the students cook, they each have their own apron they wear, then they wear a bandana on their head, and finally a facemask. They look so cute!

They were all really excited about cooking the macaroni and cheese - they got to pick between Spiderman or Spongebob shapes. And they laughed at the shapes of the pasta. Each student in the group had their own part: put the pasta in the water, put the milk in, the butter, the cheese and the "stir-er". They had lots of fun cooking - and even more fun eating Macaroni and Cheese. Only 1 student out of 23 had ever had it before.

I think they all liked it, and they think it's funny that American kids eat it for dinner so much.

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WML said...

How fun! I was telling one of the colleger students I correspond with in China about Mac and Cheese and she was curious, so I sent her some. I haven't heard if she has gotten it yet, but I hope it turns out ok - those noodles can be tricky to get al dente...